remedy kit bags

These versatile handmade kit bag designed for homeopathic medicines. Strong, light weight, compact and handy kit bag proves to be a one stop solution with various medicines in one single pouch which will keep you organized. This Homeopathic remedy kit bag comes with a holding capacity of 8 vials, 36 vials & 60 vials are available online on thehealthparcel. Thehealthparcel online portal also provide you the choice to customize remedy kit bag as per one’s need. For the frequent and long distance traveler, it could be used as a homeopathic Travel Kit to meet exigencies like motion sickness, jet lags, bites & stings. Likewise depending upon your usage, you may term it as Home kit, Emergency Kit, Essential Kit, First Aid Kit, doctor’s Kit. You may Gift this handmade kit to your Parents, Siblings, Son, daughter or your close friend & relative or somebody you really care for. Search Tag: Homeopathic Kit Bag, Homeopathy Bags, Homeopathy storage case, homeopathy pouch, Homeopathy tube storage, Homoeopathic medicine Bag, homeopathy remedy cases, Homoeopathy Kit bag, Homoeopathic Pouches, Handy homoeopathy bag, Homeopathy handmade bags, homeopathic briefcase, Homoeopathy medicine storage purse